Our Mission

The overall mission of LORD is to represent enable and empower people to help themselves The organization is visualizes towards improving the standard of living and quality of life of the rural poor people. The specific missions of the organization are as follows.

• To transform the present condition of the people into a self-reliant society.

• To built a dynamic organization framework though people’s participation.

• To work with voluntary spirit to pursuit the excellence of work.

Our Vision

• Promoting literacy activities among the rural people of Odisha.

• Helping institutions the women in regards to childcare and family planning.

• Promoting new progressive trends in the women movement of Odisha.

• Starting institutions and organizations for the rehabilitation of tortured women.

• Organizing sports activities to encourage the youth to promote harmony among them.

• Formulating Self-help groups for economic empowerment of women.

Inspiring Photos


1- To look into the basic needs of human beings be all means like land development water Resource Management, Agricalture Development, Health

Sanitation Education of any form, Forest and Environment Protection, Poliution Control and like this.

2- To undertake vonous activities towards Eradication of social evils be all means like Down, Child Labour, Alcoholism, literacy, Drugs etc.

3- To provide a helping hand for the victims of Flood, Fire, Earth quake and all type of natural and social hazards by all means.

4- To provide support service by all means to all type of Social Organisation and individuals as regards to Training, Seminars, Workshop of the like.

5- The other activities of the organisation will be National Integration, Family Planning and Walfare, Orphanage and Old-age Home, day care Center,

Drug-Dedication Centre, Research of all kinds and like.

6- To generate awareness on Preventive Health care Measures. Community Health Education, Immunization, Reproductive Child health care, and

Non-communicable diseases.

7- To generate awareness on preventive measures to miligate Cancer, AIDS, and other Non-communicable Diseases through distribution of Pamphlets, walling Health Camps, Issuing Health Cards, formation of Health Clubs, Audio-Visual Presentation, making Documentary film and the like.

8- To take initiatives to Construct Hospital, First Aid Center. Ambulance Services. Mobile Medical Unit. Organize training program for Para-Medical

workers and the like.

9- To take initiative for opening Health Check-up Clinics and Medicine Banks in Villages and Slums as and where required.

10- To propagete for the small Family norms and raise and standard of nutrition and balanced diet for the infants, Children and mothers and carry on

other health related programmes.